Grading System, Academic Year and Language of Instruction in Serbia

School Academic Year

The academic year for primary and secondary schools is of 9 and a half months. It commences on 1st September and concludes in mid-June. Grade 8 of the primary school and grades 3 and 4 of the high school are of 9 months. The school year begins on 1st September and ends in beginning of June.

The school year is divided into two semesters, and semesters are sub-divided into four quarters.

Holidays: In a school year, there are 5 holidays-
  • Quarter holiday- In the month of November for 2 days
  • Semester holiday: In the month of January for 15 days; covers Orthodox Christmas and New Year
  • Serbia national day: In the month of February of 2 days
  • Quarter holiday/Orthodox Easter: In April for around 10 days
  •  International Workers' day: In May of 2 days
Also, there are summer vacations of two and a half months. Summer vacations for students entering secondary school or higher education is of 3 months.

Total no. of school days: 180 
  • First semester: 85 working days
  • Second semester: 95 days

University Academic Year

The academic year in Serbia begins in October and ends in June. The academic year comprises of two semesters.
  • 1 academic year=60 ECTS credit points
There are exam periods vary.

Grading System

Grading at Primary and Secondary Education Levels

Grading scale 1-5 is used by the primary and high schools in Serbia, wherein 1 is the lowest grade and 5 is the highest and the best grade.

 Grade ScaleGrade description (In English)  Grade description (In Serbian) Corresponding American Grade
 4.50-5.00 Excellent Одличан  A 
 3.50-4.49 Very Good Врло добар  B
 2.50-3.49 Good Добар B
 2.00-2.49 Sufficient  Лоше D
 1.00-1.99 Insufficient/Fail Jако лоше  F

University Level Grading System

A 10-point grading scale is used by the higher education institutions in Serbia. The lowest passing grade is 6. 10 indicates excellent.

Grade 10 indicates "Outstanding " and corresponds to US grade +

9.00-9.99 indicates "Excellent" and corresponds to US grade A

8.50-8.99 corresponds to US grade B+

8.40-8.49 indicates "Very good ' and corresponds to US grade B

7.50-7.99 corresponds to US grade C+

7.00-7.49 indicates "Good " and corresponds to US grade C

6.50-6.99 corresponds to US grade D+

6.00-6.49 indicates "Sufficient " and corresponds to US grade D

5.00-5.99 indicates "Insufficient " and corresponds to US grade D

University Grading System in Schools of Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Humanities and Medicine

 GradeNatural and Technical Sciences, Mathematics and Engineering (Grading Scale) Social sciences, Medicine, Law (Scale) Grade description (In English)Grade description (In Serbian  US Grade
 10 96-100% 91-100% Outstanding Изузетан A+
 9 86-95% 81-90% Excellent Одличан A
 8 76-85% 71-80% Very Good Врло добар  B
 7 66-75% 61-70% Good Добар C
 6 56-65% 51-60% Sufficient Довољан D
 5 0-55% 0-50% Insufficient Није положио  F

Language of Instruction

The main language of instruction in Serbia for all levels of education is Serbian. Many study programmes at the higher education level are offered in English too. To attract foreign students Serbian Institutions are continuously adding more study programmes to be delivered in English.

At primary and secondary education levels, there are other languages of instruction also, which are Russian, Albanian, Hungarian, Croatian, Slovak, Bulgarian, and Romanian.
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